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TriGeo Network Security Industry's First to Bridge the Gap Between Rich Functionality and Affordable Security Event Management (SEM) Solutions

Protects Entire Network Environment -- From the Perimeter to the Desktop -- With a Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for Under $20k POST FALLS, ID -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 13-10-2003 -- TriGeo Network Security (, the pioneer and leader of Active Security Environment Management™ solutions for securing small- and medium-sized enterprise networks, today announces the availability of Contego™ V 2.1, which automates, consolidates, normalizes and correlates security events across the entire security environment -- from the perimeter to the desktop. Contego sets a new industry precedent for enterprise-class security coverage with its rich functionality and affordable solution for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who face the same network security challenges as large multinational corporations, but struggle with dramatically fewer resources.

The key benefits of Contego™ V 2.1 are:

--  Log Filtering, Aggregation and Normalization
--  Coverage from the perimeter to the desktop
--  Active Response and Auto Notification
--  Bundled IDS
--  Rapid Deployment, with zero downtime
--  Affordable
--  Regulatory Compliance and Audit assistance
--  True 24/7 network security coverage, with limited staff and minimal

"With the perimeter guarded by layers of sophisticated systems, network attacks are moving to the desktop," said Michelle Dickman, CEO and President of TriGeo Network Security. "Consider this analogy: The front door is locked, and the back window is open via web access, VPN, and more. Contego is the first and only SEM solution that delivers enterprise-level security in a simple, intuitive application for under $20,000."

"Drowning in log data, facing increasing regulatory pressures, and trying to survive with limited staff and a dwindling budget, small to medium-sized businesses are clamoring for reliable, affordable network security," said Dan Keldsen, analyst with the Delphi Group. "Unfortunately, sophisticated security management solutions with robust, real-time features traditionally come with a hefty price tag and have previously been available only to Fortune 1000 companies. Contego's ability to tie into a variety of security solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus solutions, and IDS, as well as their own Secure Point of Presence (SPOP) software agents, offers a comprehensive solution that actually covers the ground that they claim."

Actively Responds to Threats

Unlike competitive solutions that "play catch" through passive integration and reactive measures, our solution proactively responds to security threats -- before, during, after a security event occurs -- through a unique feature called "active response." After defining which events are in need of an active response, Contego responds in real-time -- blocking an IP address, disabling an account, quarantining a workstation from the rest of the network or shutting down a system. Active notification delivers real-time, automatic notification of security events via cell phone, pager or email -- 24/7. Because active notification includes a detailed description of the event, clients can quickly assess situations and take immediate action to actively secure their entire network.

Solves Information Overload

Each security event generates log files of varying degrees of complexity. Translating these into understandable information is near impossible -- and certainly not in a real-time capacity. IT managers in this environment are simply overwhelmed with data and the "guesswork" to manually correlate events across disparate systems. Contego's normalization and real time analysis turns the raw data into usable information.

Meets Regulatory Challenges

Now more than ever, organizations must meet industry-specific regulatory and compliance requirements such as HIPAA (healthcare), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (financial), and more. Auditors are asking to see how log data is managed, what response is taken to a security breach, how an institution controls data access, and much more. With reporting requirements tighter than ever before, failing an audit can be both expensive and disastrous to an organization's health. With Contego, reporting and regulatory compliance are a snap.

Availability and Practical Details

Contego Version 2.1 is commercially available directly from TriGeo. Contego comes with a fully integrated and configured Snort IDS. A typical 50-node deployment including hardware appliance, Contego proprietary software manager and agents, installation and help desk support starts at $17,440. Professional services available as needed. Custom pricing is available for large, enterprise deals.

About TriGeo Network Security

Formed in 2001 as the pioneer and leader of Active Security Environment Management™ solutions for securing small- and medium-sized enterprise networks, TriGeo protects the entire network environment -- from the perimeter to the desktop -- with a comprehensive, integrated solution. TriGeo's patent-pending technology, Contego is the first and only active SEM solution that helps organizations prevent, identify, and solve security events before, during, or after they occur.

With 35 customers in 18 states, TriGeo is a privately held company headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho. For more information, visit the company's website at or call (208) 664-7000.

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