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Enact Announces Enact Workgroup Edition; Delivers Sophisticated Real-Time Project Collaboration to Workgroups of 5 to 25 People

Fully Integrated Software Package Delivers Cost-Effective Internet-Based Communication and Collaboration to Wide Range of Users in Small to Large Businesses PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 13-10-2003 -- Enact, a leading provider of e-business solutions for project collaboration and communication, today unveiled Enact Workgroup Edition ™. Enact Workgroup Edition is an all-in-one Internet-based, real-time collaboration product targeted at 5-25 person workgroups in large organizations and small-to-midsize businesses (SMB). The package provides everything needed to cost-effectively install and maintain a sophisticated project collaboration infrastructure, including application software, database, Web-server and application. Enact Workgroup Edition provides sophisticated collaboration features that are both powerful, and easy to learn and use.

With this announcement, Enact, a veteran in the enterprise project management marketplace, is taking the lead in driving project management and collaboration into the workgroup mainstream. "For the past 7 years, Internet-based project management tools have struggled to find their way into the mainstream due to high entry costs, configuration complexity, and dependence on third-party software," said Paul Yeh, CEO of Enact. "The typical workgroup of 5 to 25 users does not have the resource to acquire and maintain such a solution. Further, because of the risk and expense, most project management solutions require a long decision making and installation period -- often longer than the project itself. With all in one packaging and aggressive pricing, Enact breaks this cycle, and makes it easy to install sophisticated project management."

Enact Workgroup Edition comes standard with the embedded MSDE database from Microsoft, as well as embedded Tomcat application and Web servers. This all-in-one solution quickly enables any user to turn their desktop Windows 2000 Professional or XP Professional into a full-feature, enterprise collaboration platform.

"With Enact, our IT department has finally found an intuitive, user friendly tool with which we can reliably collaborate with non-technical management," said Paul Berry, CIO of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation's largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals.

The following Enact Workgroup Edition features represent a complete solution for today's Internet-connected world:

- Instant Productivity for All Users

ActionView, ActionPlan and ActionTask, the new major client-components of Enact, allow three different kinds of users -- executives, contributors and planners -- to collaborate in the manner most appropriate to their job functions. Pertinent information is organized and presented through a user interface designed specifically for that user's needs and interests. This role-specific approach, at the heart of the new user interface, increases productivity of every type of user throughout the enterprise.

- Cross Platform

In addition to Windows and Solaris, Enact now supports Mac OS X's Safari and Linux's Mozilla browsers. Users simply launch Enact from their browser enabling them to perform complex project planning and collaboration from anywhere. Furthermore, Enact Desktop Clients are also available for Mac OS X and Linux; a great alternative allowing users to work offline when they are traveling or disconnected from the network.

- Increased Collaborative Participation via Document Management

Project team members and contributors can use any Web browser to manage their tasks while in the office or at home. Enact delivers document management capability to centrally manage their project related files using revision control, allowing users to check-in or check-out different versions of files and documents.

- Proactive Project Planning & Reporting

Enact promotes forward-looking project management through real-time collaboration, showing the series of critical tasks that must be completed on schedule for the whole project to finish on time. The email notification capability provides an early warning system for the project planner instantly alerting them to changes in the project. The embedded MSDE 2000 database allows project planners to generate sophisticated, up-to-the-minute reports on their projects with standard SQL report writers.

Practical Details

Enact Workgroup Edition pricing starts at $995 for 5 users, or $1,495 including the Document Management Module. With this aggressive pricing strategy, Enact is putting the project management software decision in the hands of workgroup managers, avoiding the lengthy decision making process typically associated with six-digit enterprise software decisions.

About Enact

Enact is a pioneering developer of Internet-based project management, collaboration and document management software. The company's flagship Enact software product family enables large businesses, small to midsize business and workgroups within large organizations to enjoy the benefits of increased collaboration and efficient communications. With intuitive functionality, and interfaces tailored to the needs of specific types of users, Enact makes sophisticated project management capabilities practical of a new and growing range of businesses, departments and workgroups. The company's software is available at

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