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China Selects Coventor as Preferred Vendor for Government MEMS Development Program

CoventorWare Software to Be Supplied to 30 Universities Through China's MEMS/863 Program CARY, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 13-10-2003 -- After a thorough evaluation of available MEMS development software, the People's Republic of China has announced Coventor as its preferred MEMS software vendor. The announcement was made by government and university officials in Beijing, China, September 23, 2003.

Conducted by the High Technology Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), China has been developing MEMS technology through its MEMS/863 program since 1986 and has now designated the CoventorWare software suite as its leading MEMS CAD supplier to universities and commercial MEMS developers.

Through the partnership, Coventor is sponsoring the MEMS/863 Program by providing access to CoventorWare for 30 Chinese universities throughout the country. Coventor is donating the difference in cost between the commercial and the academic price of the software. In addition, MEMS/863 will assist commercial MEMS developers looking to launch or grow MEMS projects.

Professors at China's top universities have been committed to furthering the growth of MEMS and subsequently working with different MEMS software tools on the market. Ultimately, CoventorWare was chosen as the preferred MEMS software tool over other available software programs.

"The decision makers believe Coventor is the leading MEMS CAD software company and CoventorWare is the best choice for MEMS design and simulation," said Sun Lining, Director of the MOST, MEMS/863 program.

"Coventor Inc. is an internationally, well-known MEMS design tool developer with hundreds of users around the world," said Coventor, Director of Asia Pacific Sales, Benjamin Blackwell. "I am pleased that China's 863 officially chooses CoventorWare as the design tool for the rapidly expanding Chinese MEMS community."

Coventor's software contribution will assist the members of the MEMS/863 program with their work in MEMS design, IP development, MEMS processing and packaging modules such as micromachining, ICP bulk micromachining, wafer bonding, vacuum packaging, on-line test structure design and material databasing.

In addition to supplying software, Coventor will provide product training to facilitate easier installation at the University sites. Coventor will also provide on-going technical support to those launching MEMS projects using the software. Additional sales support and assistance is available through Coventor's local distributor, IMAG Industries Inc.

For more information on China's MEMS/863 program, visit For more information about Coventor's preferred vendor partnership with China's MEMS/863 program, contact, write Coventor at 4001 Weston Parkway, Cary, NC 27513, or call 919-854-7500 or visit

Distributor, IMAG Industries Inc., may be reached through China MEMS Product Manager, Simon Liu at +86 10 68001818, or by e-mail at


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Benjamin Blackwell
Director Asia-Pacific Sales
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