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Memtech Solid State Flash Drive Endurance Surpasses 8 Million Erase/Write Cycles

Memtech Extends Its Innovation and Leadership in Rugged, Ultra-Reliable Solid State Flash Memory Drives for Harsh, Hostile User Environments LIVERMORE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 13-10-2003 -- Memtech, the pioneer in ultra-rugged and reliable solid state flash drives, announced today completion of extensive quality testing of the AT2550 Wolverine that established a minimum of 8 Million Erase/Write Cycles. The Wolverine, with impressive endurance, 8- year warranty, military temperature range, greater performance, and 30 Gigabyte capacity is clearly the most cost effective high end solid state flash drive product in the market today. The Wolverine delivers advanced features such as the Kicker™ Hold Up Circuit, and Active Remap™ Data Reliability.

Designed for use in laptop and networking applications that require extremely rugged and reliable small form factor storage, the AT2550 delivers capacities of 4.8 Gbytes within 9.5mm, 8.7 Gbytes within 12.5mm and a total capacity of 30 Gbytes.

Memtech drives are designed for low power consumption in critical operating conditions and are built to withstand extreme temperature, pressure, moisture, shock, vibration and power loss. Each drive is guaranteed for life and goes through a rigorous five-step EnduroTest™ temperature and ruggedness test process. This includes read-writes at temperatures as low as -45 degrees C and as high as +87 degrees C. Military Temperature (-55 degrees C to +125 degrees C) is also available as an option.

The AT2550 Wolverine, with an UDMA-66 compliant IDE interface, delivers 9.5 Mbytes/sec sustained Read throughput, 5.0 Mbytes/sec sustained Write throughput and a Burst transfer rate of 66 Mbytes/sec. Memtech drives are in use in submarines, space vehicles, aircraft carriers, high altitude balloons, high-speed locomotives, oil and gas pipelines, drilling rigs, weapons systems, mining equipment, combat aircraft, manufacturing and smelting plants, digital switching, routing and networking systems, as well as scientific expeditions to remote regions of the world.

The Wolverine with 16 byte CRC/ECC data protection, a Kicker™ Hold Up Circuit, Active Remap™ Data Reliability and UDMA connection for faster, smoother data flow, illustrates why Memtech is the leader in Highly Reliable Solid State Flash Drives.

"Memtech continues to set the standard for reliability, high performance, quality and capacity in rugged solid state flash drives while minimizing form factor, cost, and power consumption, " said Larry Schuster, VP Sales & Marketing of Memtech. "As the need for reliable storage extends to networking and laptop environments, we are delivering the same durable and extreme features that were previously relegated to only industrial and military applications. The endurance of NAND Flash in the Wolverine enables us to broaden the reach of Memtech products to new quality sensitive markets."

The Wolverine is backed by Memtech's lifetime guarantee, 8-year warranty and unparalleled customer service approach that are built on lasting customer relationships. All Memtech products are made in the USA using just-in-time processes for efficient manufacturing and delivery.

The Wolverine is available immediately. For more information, contact Memtech at or (800) 445-5511.

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