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PC Guardian and Trust Digital Announce Partnership to Market PDA Encryption

SAN RAFAEL, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 13-10-2003 -- Today, PC Guardian Technologies Inc. ("PC Guardian") announced a partnership arrangement with Trust Digital LLC that allows PC Guardian to sell PDASecure™, Trust Digital's encryption solution for PDAs and other handheld devices.

Together, PDASecure and PC Guardian's Encryption Plus® software provide easy-to-use data protection for PCs and PDAs.

PDASecure safeguards data stored on devices running the Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry, and Symbian operating systems. It encrypts data on these devices using AES or other cryptographic algorithms.

PDASecure works quickly and transparently, does not reduce employee performance, and can be centrally controlled from a server, allowing administrators to create, push, and manage security policies to each device while maintaining a complete audit trail.

The need to protect sensitive data on mobile devices is growing, according to PC Guardian President Noah Groth.

"The proliferation of mobile devices presents significant new risks for our large enterprise clients," Groth says. He cites a Gartner Inc. report that estimates 9 out of 10 mobile enterprise devices have "insufficient power-on protection and storage encryption to withstand casual to moderate hacker attacks."

PDASecure may be purchased by contacting PC Guardian at 800-288-8126 (415-459-0190) or visiting

About Trust Digital

Trust Digital LLC is a spin off of Applied Technologies Inc. of Fairfax, Virginia. Applied Technologies maintains extensive expertise in network security. As an independent software vendor, Trust Digital develops and markets security products to enable companies to develop "trusted mobility platforms."

About PC Guardian

PC Guardian Technologies Inc. develops, markets, and sells date protection solutions under the Encryption Plus brand. To date, nearly one million Encryption Plus licenses have been distributed to enterprise buyers in the defense, aerospace, finance, and manufacturing industries.

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