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Orbitz Launches "Deal Detector(TM)," the Most Complete Low-Fare Finding Tool on the Web

Travel Site Introduces First-Ever Online Deal Tracker to Include Flight Availability, Total Price, and Special Discounts CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 13-10-2003 -- Orbitz, a leading travel website, today launched DealDetector™, the only personalized search tool that automatically alerts users to the latest airfare deals and provides complete information about flight availability and total pricing so they never miss out on a great bargain.

Because airfares can change multiple times a day and the best fares sell out quickly, DealDetector is always on the case, scouring Orbitz' wide selection of low fares on more than 455 airlines everyday until it matches or beats the prices users want to pay to the destinations of their choice.

Available on the homepage, DealDetector is superior to fare-watching features elsewhere because of the following exclusive features:

--  Pre-checks flight availability on specific travel dates, so users
    always get the right fares on the right flights
--  Provides total ticket prices including taxes and fees, so users never
    get "bait-and-switch" surprises
--  Searches availability for up to nine travelers at a time, making it
    easy for families and groups to plan trips
--  Ability to check infant, companion and senior citizen fares, so users
    can take advantage of special discounts
"Finding a low fare doesn't help travelers if it's not available when they want to travel, or if the total price doesn't meet their budgets because ticket taxes and fees aren't included," said John Samuel, executive vice president of Consumer Travel at Orbitz. "DealDetector saves users time and money because it's the first online resource to do all the work for them, from continuously monitoring fare changes, to checking flight availability and calculating total ticket prices."

How It Works:

DealDetector asks users to enter their desired destinations and travel dates and name the price they're willing to pay, then searches Orbitz' extensive fare database everyday until it finds the price. An e-mail notifies users instantly when fares become available that meet or beat their specified prices and provides a link to the Orbitz Flight Matrix so they can book the trips immediately.

Additional DealDetector Features:

--  Bonus Flexibility: Travelers with some flexibility in their departure
    dates can use DealDetector in conjunction with Orbitz' Bonus Days feature,
    which allows users to expand their potential for finding the lowest fares.
    Bonus Days searches for deals in the timeframe of one day before and after
    specified departure and return dates, offering users a wider selection of
    travel deal options.
--  Set Your Seconds: Easy-to-use format lets users enter their
    search specifications quickly.
--  Three Times The Searches: The DealDetector allows Orbitz users to
    conduct three separate searches at one time. Orbitz stores all search
    information on a customized Deals page, so they can easily track travel
DealDetector is the latest addition to Orbitz' growing portfolio of tools designed to offer online travelers the most powerful search capabilities on the Web. Another recently launched "first-of-its-kind" feature is FlexSearch™, which allows users to search fares on hundreds of airlines for multiple travel dates -- up to a month's worth of fares -- in one click.

About Orbitz:

Orbitz is a leading online travel company offering consumers the widest selection of low airfares, as well as deals on lodging, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages. Orbitz makes finding low fares and great deals easier through a state-of-the-art flight search engine that scans more than 455 airlines and the Orbitz Matrix Display that provides an unbiased and comprehensive listing of airfares and other rates. Orbitz also offers the largest collection of discounted web-only airfares and low-priced hotel web rates. For more information, visit

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