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Rockitnet Joins Private P2P Network MP2P

Offers Privacy Protection for P2P Users MADRID, SPAIN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 13-10-2003 -- Optisoft, S.L., announced today that Rockitnet has joined the MP2P Network, uniting with popular software programs Blubster and Piolet. Rockitnet is a new P2P (Peer-to-Peer) software application that provides superior privacy to its users. (

Rockitnet launches onto the MP2P (Manalito P2P) Network, the most efficient private P2P network in the world, as the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) continues its misguided and unprecedented legal battle against music consumers. MP2P network will provide Rockitnet with the proprietary protocol that forms the sea of user traffic that media is accessed from. MP2P brings Rockitnet users to more than ten million sources of media and entertainment already hosted on the peer-broadcasting network.

"The recording industry is bypassing judge and jury in their legal assault against music consumers, so we're especially gratified that we can provide enough privacy to our users that they are not needlessly attacked by predatory litigation," said MP2P developer Pablo Soto.

Rockitnet 1.0 provides a sleek and easy to use interface to create playlists from audio and video files that can be viewed and enjoyed on the internal media player. Users can communicate with others all over the world through voice chats, instant messaging, and file sharing. Rockitnet ensures fast searches, no failed downloads, the highest quality MP3 and OGG files, and quick media previews.

"We created MP2P to be the fastest means of transmitting media around the Internet and in light of recent lawsuits against children, the elderly, and the misidentified, I'm elated that the protocol makes it difficult for them to wage a war against the people who use Rockitnet, Blubster, or Piolet," said Pablo Soto.

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Optisoft S.L., distributor of the popular Blubster program, is a world-leading provider of peer-to-peer technology. Blubster enables musicians and fans, through a serverless and anonymous peer-to-peer network, to share MP3 and OGG files over the Internet. Blubster is the leading music-only peer-to-peer network on the Internet and is a registered trademark of OptiSoft S.L. Madrid.

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